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'Skinimalism’ Is This Year’s Beauty Trend & Here’s How You Can Get In On It

Less is more.

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Two people applying skincare cream to their faces.
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If you've ever scrolled through "shelfies" on Instagram or watched a beauty influencer's morning routine on TikTok, you might believe that more is more when it comes to skincare.

In 2011, the craze of Korean skincare popularized the concept of 10-15 steps in the average beauty routine. Since then, and with the help of social media and "beautube," demand for products like exfoliators, peels, oils and serums has skyrocketed. But is more really more when it comes to looking after your skin? Not according to the latest skincare trend.

"Skinimalism" is a movement that encourages people to get back to the basics. This trend is all about leaving behind excessive skincare efforts and favouring a "less is more" approach instead; this can mean cutting back on the amount of products you use, creating a more sustainable beauty routine, or simply remembering to wash your face before you go to bed.

A more minimalist approach to skincare may sound like something the beauty industry would be against, but that's not the case. As the leading expert in pore care for healthy-looking skin, Bioré® is all on board with embracing a more "skinimalist" lifestyle, and their recent campaign reminds people of the most fundamental skincare step: washing your face before bed.


Using billboards in view of apartment buildings and condos in Toronto, Bioré® is calling out people by name to remind them to wash their face before bed. They even found a way to get folks' attention during YouTube binge sessions with "Wash Your Face" reminders popping up during ad breaks. The "Wash Your Face" reminders are a part of the Bioré® mission to encourage Canadians to get rid of what they don't need, take a few steps back and get back to the basics of skincare.

If you're feeling inspired to simplify your skincare routine, these tips on achieving skinimalism are a good place to start.

Skip The 15-Step Routine

Charisse Kenion | Unsplash

Marie Kondo taught us to let go of what doesn't spark joy, and that also applies to your bathroom cabinet. What might feel fun and luxurious in the moment (like using four serums, a face mask and an exfoliant every night) can sometimes result in the opposite effect of what you're looking for.

Adding extra steps to your routine means extra clutter, unsustainable spending habits and potential bad reactions to products. When in doubt, keep it as simple as possible.

Harness The Power Of Multitasking Products

A great way to maintain a minimalist skincare regime is using multipurpose products. Think face wipes that remove makeup while cleansing your skin (like these Pore Clarifying Cleansing Cloths with witch hazel), a moisturizer with UV protection or a face cleanser that can gently exfoliate at the same time.

Wash Your Face Before Bed

Washing your face before you go to sleep is Skincare 101. Throughout the day, dirt, bacteria, oil and sweat build up on your face and it needs to be removed before bed so that your skin has the chance to recoup overnight.

Washing your face is even more important if you live in a city (hello, pollution!) or if you wear makeup because it can help prevent all sorts of skin issues like breakouts, patchiness and clogged pores.

Plus, many skincare products like serums or moisturizers are formulated to work best when applied to clean skin, so using them before bed without first washing your face can be wasteful.

"Perfect" Skin Is A Lie

cottonbro | Pexels

If you have concerns about your skin, it's easy to believe that if you try enough skincare products, your problem will be solved. And while skincare products can help you manage your skin concerns, achieving flawless skin is a myth.

Whether your beauty routine is three steps or 12, we all have things we'd like to change about our skin, and sometimes adding too many products into the mix can actually make things worse. Don't worry too much about achieving perfection, and instead focus on products that make you feel good.

Read The Labels

Gustavo Fring | Pexels

When you do decide to try out a new product, look for brands that are reputable and recommended by the experts. Familiarise yourself with common claims about different products and understand what they mean, like "dermatologically tested" or "clinically proven."

Brands like Bioré® that have been trusted for decades are a great place to start, with vegan-friendly products that are not tested on animals. Investing in products from companies that are serious about the claims they make is a good way to get the most value from your skincare routine

Introduce One Product At A Time

Making changes to your routine should be done with caution. Some dermatologists recommend introducing new products into your regimen one at a time — never all at once.

This way, if you have a bad reaction after using something new, you know exactly what to remove from your routine. Plus, it gives your skin time to get used to the change before throwing an additional new product into the mix.

If A Product Is Working For You, Finish It Off

Thanks to enticing social media marketing, it can be tempting to reach for your credit card every time you see a new trendy product on your feed. But both your wallet and your skin will thank you if you wait to replace your product until your current one has run out (if it's working for your skin, of course).

This self-imposed guideline is a good method to keep your routine minimal and your budget intact.

Approach Skincare As Self-Care

cottonbro | Pexels

Skincare is simply a way to care for yourself, so kick back and enjoy your routine! At the end of a busy day, washing your face can be a ritual of sorts, especially if you intentionally set the mood. Try lighting a candle or playing some relaxing music as you care for your skin and yourself.

Whether you're considering a more simplistic approach to your routine, or are new to the concept of skincare altogether, skinimalism might just be the new face-care trend you've been looking for. Cut out the products that you don't need, and focus on the ones that will serve you time and time again.

As they say, if it isn't broken, then there's no need to fix it. If you already have a favourite pore strip then why replace it with an arsenal of new serums, exfoliants and cleaners? With Bioré® skincare, your lineup will consist of just a few trusted products, keeping your skin happy and your shelf clean.

To learn more about Bioré® and skinimalism, check out their website.