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There are many historic homes throughout the southern United States that are still standing from the early 1900s and reflect the vintage architecture of the time, just like this spacious 5 bedroom, 20th-century home for sale in Alabama.

It's located in Downtown Montgomery so it's fairly close to the Entertainment District, and it's currently on the market for just $129,000. According to Zillow, that price is on the cheaper side of what's for sale in the same area and similarly sized.

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Something about self-sufficiency feels good, whether you’re growing your own tomatoes or going all-in with that new DIY project. Creating useful things with our own hands is both sustainable and fun, and if you’re super into doing things yourself and sustainability you’d probably love a tiny home. Compact and efficient, there are tons of adorable and super cool options on the market, including this solar-powered mobile tiny home for sale in Alabama!

Equipped with both solar power and propane, this custom tiny home is energy-independent and totally mobile, ready for the next grand adventure wherever you decide to go.

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