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Breydon White Instagram Is Controlled By His Family While He's On BBCAN

If you're obsessed with Big Brother Canada, you should probably check out Breydon White's Instagram because it is filled with glamorous, adorable, and hilarious photos. 

White's account is run by his family while he's isolated and without his phone in the Big Brother Canada house

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Because this 23-year-old is an absolute icon, you better believe he's serving looks on his IG. 

There are also some adorable moments from inside the house, where he can be caught twinning with his former house bestie, Austin. 

There's even a live feed photo of our boy spooning with fellow houseguest Ty.

We can get a little feel of White's life back in Calgary from his curated Instagram photos. 

And naturally, we can stay up to date on Big Brother Canada updates about White and his fellow houseguests. 

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