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2 Flights Landing In Calgary From The US This Month Had Confirmed Cases Of COVID-19

All incoming international arrivals need to self-isolate.
2 WestJet Flights Landing In Calgary From The US Had Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

If you flew from the U.S. to Calgary this month, you may want to take a look back at your seat number. 

The Government of Canada has announced that two WestJet flights from the U.S. that landed in Calgary in July had passengers with COVID-19 on board. 

WestJet WJA6357 (Minneapolis to Calgary)

WestJet WJA1511 (Los Angeles to Calgary) 

Government of Canada

For the Minneapolis flight, passengers seated between Row 6 and 12 are being warned. 

As for the L.A. flight, passengers who were seated between Row 17 and 23 may have been affected. 

The L.A. flight touched down on July 6, and the Minneapolis flight landed just a day later on July 7. 

Via City News

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