A Bear Stole Snacks Off Porches In Calgary & Ran Up A Tree When He Got Caught (VIDEO)

The city is buzzing after news of a bear in Calgary has surfaced. 

The black bear was caught in Lakeview community next to North Glenmore Park just strolling from house to house, snacking on birdseed and pumpkins, reported CBC News.

Eventually, the hungry fellow was caught in the act and he promptly ran up a tree. Narcity spoke with Jesse Salus who lives in a neighbouring home and saw the whole thing go down. 

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"We noticed a police truck on our street at about 11pm, and by midnight the police were using their searchlight to find the bear. The bear crossed in front of a neighbours house and then climbed a tree across the street from us, as we watched from our living room window," said Salus.  

Fish and Wildlife also joined the scene and "for the next 45 minutes there was discussion amongst the officers," said the witness. 

"For part of that time they kept a light on the bear, who was about 30 feet up in the tree. Near 1am a Wildlife officer tranquilized the bear from the road, and the bear fell from the tree onto the front lawn of our neighbour. The bear was loaded into a trailer and taken away."

Salus said that because of their location near Weaselhead Park and the Glenmore Reservoir "we are in the bear's neighbourhood just as much as it was in ours. It's my hope that it can be relocated safely."  

The surrounding park was closed to the public on Monday evening following the incident, says CBC News

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