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A Calgary Brewery Hopes People Won't Be Grossed Out By Their New Wastewater Beer

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A Calgary Brewery Hopes People Won't Be Grossed Out By Their New Wastewater Beer

This isn't your regular brew. A Calgary brewery has partnered with a water sustainability organization to craft a beer made from wastewater. The Calgary wastewater beer went up for sale on Monday, August 17, and you can get your orders in right away. 

Village Brewery partnered with the University of Calgary's Advancing Canadian Water Assets (ACWA), a team focused on treating wastewater to address environmental issues, and American water technology company Xylem Inc., to get this invention off the ground, mentioned the press release

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The project was launched to address climate change concerns. Due to declining freshwater availability, researchers are looking to source wastewater as an alternative. 

In this case, wastewater was taken from a local river and put through a six-step treatment process, followed by a seven-step brewing process. 

Recycling methods like this help to address "declining freshwater supplies and achieve water security and sustainability," reads the release. 

But you might be curious what the beer actually tastes like? The brewery says you won't notice a thing. 

"There’s a mental hurdle to get over of how inherently gross this could be. But we know that this water is safe, we know that this beer is safe, and we stand by our process," said Jeremy McLaughlin, head brewer at Village Brewery, in a press release.

Though similar projects have taken place in Germany, Sweden, and the United States, this is the first beer of its kind in Alberta, read the info sheet

Instead of creating a new beer altogether, they're using a fresh batch of an existing beer: the Village Blonde ale. 

The brewery describes this particular type of beer as an "ale with a crisp, dry palate that balances a slight fruity sweetness and subtle bitterness."

So you've got a pretty old-fashioned beer at the end of the day. Just try not to think about sewage as you're sipping it and you shouldn't have a problem. 

A four-pack of the wastewater-edition is $12.92, according to the Village's website.  

According to Global News, the first batch has 1600 cans in total, so you better make your order quickly before everyone jumps at the chance. 

Though the beers are already up for sale on the brewery's website, there's an official launch event scheduled for August 22 where you can learn more about the process and how the unique beer came to be. 

ACWA Reuse Beer

Price: $12.92+

Address: 5000 12A St., S.E., Calgary, AB

Why You Need To Get It: To try a unique, sustainably-produced beer that works to address water shortages. 

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