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Calgary's Having A Massive Pasta Party This Month & 11 Restaurants Have New Dishes For You

It’s time to stuff your face because Calgary’s Pasta La Feasta is back and 11 restaurants have invented new dishes for you to try. 

This second annual all pasta all the time event is not for those who shy away from carbs. 

For the entire month of October, you can visit 11 local eateries that have specially designed menu options for this event. 

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Thursday, October 1 to Saturday, October 31 Pasta La Feasta 

Every restaurant will donate $3 from each dish sold to the Alex Community Food Centre. 

Last year, an astonishing $7,000 was raised for the centre through people enjoying food

Local participating restaurants include Vendome, Donna Mac, Teatro, Model Milk, Cucina, Pigeonhole, PZA, Alforno, The Eden, Villa Firenze, and The Coup. 

A full list of pasta dishes has been posted online and will include things like lamb ravioli, mushroom fettuccini, gnocchi, and pork bolognese.

We suggest going online and reserving your spot at one or all of these Calgary eateries to make sure you get in on the action.  

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