Are you a big poutine fan? If so, you need to head to Calgary's epic poutine hot-spot, Leopold's Tavern, ASAP. The eatery has reopened its Calgary locations so there's nothing stopping you from getting your hands on their signature "punchbowl poutine." 

If you've been absolutely itching to go out and have yourself a huge poutine fest at one of Calgary's favourite bars, your dreams have come true. 

The Tavern's locations at Beltline and Bowness reopened their doors to the public on June 8, 2020.

This means that if you haven't had the chance yet to sit down and have a go at these mind-boggling bowls, your time has come. 

But things are going to be a little different this time around. According to the franchise's reopening plan, social distancing is going to be in place. 

This means that certain tables in their pub are going to be off-limits to the public and a maximum of six people can be seated in one table. 

Paper menus are available on request only, and the staff will be helping you find the menu on your phone. 

Cash payment is no longer accepted inside the premises, so you better bring that plastic. 

But the restaurant assures you that while some things may be different, "our beer is still cold, our food is still awesome, our juke is ready to rock." 

The food actually is awesome. The punchbowl of poutine features four pounds of fries, one pound of cheese curds, and one litre of gravy. 

If you manage to finish the bowl in one sitting, you'll be included in the establishment's hall of fame. 

Before taking on such a massive challenge, do make sure to wear your stretchiest of pants. 

The punchbowl is priced at $53.75 and it comes with mushrooms if you're into that. 

If you want to add other flavours into the mix, it'll cost you $10 more. 

In addition to the Beltline and Bowness locations, Calgary's set to see a Leopold's Tavern open up the Sage Hill location. 

For jealous Edmontonians, you don't have to drive down to YYC to munch on these cheesy fries. The Tavern is coming to your city this summer.

You have to keep track of their social media accounts to find out the exact date of the grand opening. 

Punchbowl Poutine

Price: $53.75

Cuisine: Poutine

Address: 1201 1 St., S.W., Calgary, AB, and 6512 Bowness Rd., N.W., Calgary, AB 

Why You Need To Go: To feast on the most colossal bowl of poutine found in Calgary.