Low oil prices have been hurting Alberta's economy for a while now and on Friday, October 2 Suncor Energy announced 2000 layoffs that will be happening over the next year and a half.

Jason Kenney addressed the "very disturbing announcement" at a press conference, saying that the issue needs to be taken more seriously by Ottawa.

“I don’t think any of us should be surprised if there are additional layoffs from other companies that are hemorrhaging cash right now,” Kenney said.

He referred to the state of affairs as a national job crisis and an economic emergency.

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It is hard to overstate the economic adversity that many Albertans are facing

Jason Kenney

Kenney continued by saying that from the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, he's considered this the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression.

"Leading to the largest decline in energy prices in history, on top of five tough years,” he added.

According to BNN Bloomberg, Calgary-based Suncor told employees that they will cut between 10 and 15% of its workforce over the next 18 months.

At the press conference, Kenney described Suncor Energy as one of Canada’s largest companies and energy producers.