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The California Monolith Was Torn Down By Some Guys Yelling "Christ Is King"

Well, we certainly know how THIS monolith disappeared.

The monolith in Atascadero, California is gone as quickly as it arrived, sticking around for a lot less time than its mysterious predecessors in Utah and Romania, after being torn down by a group of young men yesterday evening.

The men, who drove up to Pine Mountain specifically to vandalize the monolith, live-streamed themselves tearing down the monolith while chanting "Christ is king."

The men filmed their drive to Atascadero, stopping for Monster energy drinks along the way, and shared the video to a blockchain streaming site (which contains extremely NSFW offensive, racist, and homophobic remarks).

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Locals are still visiting the site of the now-gone monolith after it met its unfortunate end.

The monolith was reported gone yesterday morning, after the men destroyed it in the night, leaving a bare mountain cliff.

All that remains of the monolith is some metal sticking out of the ground next to a little circle of stone.

The video has been removed from the site on which it was originally posted and authorities plan to investigate this act of vandalism, as well as try and figure out who put the monolith there in the first place.