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Canada's Biggest Lottery Winners Include First-Time Players & Families Of 8

Someone could be joining these $70-million winners on Tuesday night.

Canada's Biggest Lottery Winners Include First Time Players & Grocery Clerks

The next Lotto Max jackpot draw on June 8 has an estimated $117 million up for grabs, thanks in part to a maxed-out $70-million jackpot.

The Lotto Max jackpot cap increased to $70 million in May 2019, but only a few lucky Canadians have won that full amount since then. Some of them even have amazing stories to go along with the millions and millions of dollars they now have.

The first person to win the $70 million jackpot was Brampton's Adlin Lewis in January 2020. Lewis found out he'd won the jackpot before he went to work that morning, but he still spent the whole day working before finally telling his wife about the news.

Several people from Quebec have won the biggest grand prize going, including a 22-year-old grocery store worker who split the money with his family of eight. If that's not lucky enough, Shu Ping Li in Montreal won the max jackpot with her first-ever lottery ticket.

Among more recent winners of the $70 million jackpot in Canada is a couple from Noëlville, Ontario, who won in February 2021. Marc and Dorothy-Ann Meilleur had to check their ticket a dozen times before they could truly believe that they'd won the money, at which point Dorothy started to cry "tears of joy."