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The Next Lotto Max Jackpot Is The Biggest In Canadian History & There's $117M Up For Grabs

This is record-breaking!

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The Next Lotto Max Jackpot Is The Biggest In Canadian History & ...

Yes, you read that right: the Lotto Max draw on Tuesday, June 8, features the biggest jackpot of prizes in Canadian history.

The record-breaking prize pool for this draw is $117 million, which includes the $70 million jackpot and 47 $1 million Maxmillions.

This is all happening because the grand prize of $70 million wasn't won in the draw on Friday, June 4, and only eight Maxmillions were won in Ontario, B.C., Atlantic Canada and the Prairies.

The previous record for the Lotto Max jackpot of prizes was set in October 2018, when the total made it up to $116 million because of the $60 million jackpot and 56 Maxmillions.

According to Loto-Québec, this is the seventh time the Lotto Max jackpot has reached its $70 million maximum since the game was revamped in May 2019.

Who has won the $70 million Lotto Max jackpot in the past?

There have been plenty of winners who walked away with massive jackpots in Canada.

The first winner of the highest jackpot in the country was Adlin Lewis in Brampton, Ontario. He won in January 2020, but still went to his job the day after finding out he'd won the life-changing amount. Unsurprisingly, he says he found it hard to focus on work that day.

Just a month later, a Quebec family of eight won $70 million and the person who bought the winning ticket was just 22 years old!

Two friends from Toronto won the $70 million jackpot in August 2020 from their final Free Play ticket. There's max-jackpot lucky, and then there's max-jackpot-for-free lucky.

And Montreal's Shu Ping Li won the same amount in a November 2020 Lotto Max draw, but more amazing is the fact that she won it with the first-ever lottery ticket she'd bought.

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