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Canada's Total COVID-19 Death Toll Has Just Surpassed Another Grim Milestone

The majority have been in just two provinces.
Canada's Total COVID-19 Death Toll Has Just Surpassed Another Grim Milestone

We've met yet another significant milestone. Canada’s total COVID-19 death toll has just surpassed 15,000, after one province confirmed 37 new deaths on Monday.

The number of Canadians who have died from the illness since the pandemic began has reached 15,001 as of December 28, according to a new report from CTV News.

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15,001 COVID-19 deaths in Canada

Before Quebec reported its new figures, which were confirmed between December 21 and December 26, the country’s total death toll stood at 14,964.

Canada surpassed 5,000 related deaths on May 12, then 10,000 on October 27.

On December 12, the figure topped 13,000.

According to the government’s data, the majority of the deaths have been recorded in Ontario and Quebec, with the two provinces reporting 82.9% of Canada's total deaths.

In a tweet on Monday, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé described the situation in hospitals as “critical.”

In the province, 1,124 people are in hospital with the illness, including 150 who are in intensive care.

As of December 27, Canada’s total case count was 552,020, an increase of 5,520 from the previous day.

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