Multiculturalism Is Key For Canadian Businesses In 2021 & A CEO Has Tips To Make It Happen

"Diversity is good for business."
Multiculturalism Is Key For Canadian Businesses In 2021 & A CEO Has Tips To Make It Happen

Canadian businesses have been hit hard due to the global pandemic.

It's been such a big hit that to help boost the economy, Canada has plans to open its doors to over 1.2 million new immigrants in the next three years, according to CBC News.

This is expected to fill in the gaps in the labour market with the help of skilled workers from around the globe.

But with more people entering Canada, Filipino Canadian Joycelyn David, CEO of AV Communications and ETHNIHUB in Toronto, told Narcity that Canadian businesses need to not only welcome them with open arms but prepare for them too.

David revealed five things every Canadian business should know to tap into multicultural markets this year in anticipation of not only newcomers but diverse Canadians who are already here too.

Develop an inclusive multicultural marketing model 

According to David, the very first starting point is understanding that embracing inclusivity and diversity is good for business and should be the muse for your business model.

"Learning to be inclusive begins with awareness and openness to seeing the world through someone else’s eyes," she said.

She also points to resources that can help businesses on this journey, citing Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion as one.

Connect with your customers in their language.

David shares that too many Canadians speak more than one language, sometimes even multiple, and to really connect with them she believes you need to connect with them in the language of their comfort.

"As the diversity in Canada grows, and immigration continues to fuel our population across Canada, businesses can’t afford to be uni-lingual in their approach to customer service," David said.

Target your audience through cultural passion points such as sports, food, music.

Others may be coming to Canada but that doesn't mean they leave behind their own culture. David says Canadians should make sure we integrate with their interests too through what she calls the 'passion point' method.

"Passion points are the things that inspire and drive our lives and identity. What better way for a brand to connect than through this," she said.

Her research platform called ETHNIHUB also addresses at this topic, for example, in their work looking at halal food preference among Canadian Muslims.

Tap emerging Ethnic Micro-influencers to build your brand following.

David shares that the best influencers are the ones who help bridge the communication between brands and their audience.

Her team has worked on campaigns with brands like BMO, Canon, H&M and WINNERS. According to her, they were looking to expand their multicultural marketing and connect with their ethnic audience.

Hire a multicultural agency to help

The Multicultural Marketing Alliance of Canada (MMAC) is the official association of the multicultural marketing, advertising and communications industry in Canada.

It is also where Canadian businesses can go to find an agency to help them out.

"The future is bright because the market has awoken to something we’ve known for 20 years, diversity is good for business," David said.

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