There's A New Shopping List Of Small Businesses In Canada & They Need Help This Holiday

It has everything.
There's A New Shopping List Of Small Businesses In Canada & They Need Help This Holiday

Have you always wanted to support a small business in Canada but had no idea where to start? Well, there's a guide for that. 

That's right, a Canadian company actually put together a product guide just for you and it can ease your search as December is now in full swing and Christmas is not too far behind. 

The helpful list is called Hope for the Holidays Small Business Gift Guide and was created by Inuit QuickBooks Canada, who said it features everything you need for the holiday.

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48% Need assistance from Canadian customers this holiday season.

"From gourmet chocolate to funky socks and adorable planters, there’s something for teens, kids, neighbours and even your furry friends," Inuit QuickBooks Canada told Narcity.

The company said that small business owners in the True North really hope their communities will rally behind them in order to have successful holiday sales amidst COVID-19.

In fact, 41% of Canadian owners are optimistic and expect an increase in sales this holiday season, according to a survey the company conducted.

However, 48% said they need assistance from other Canadian customers through the holiday season.

Luckily for them, Canadians are feeling different this holiday season and want to give back as much as possible.

Nearly half of Canadian customers actually care more about small businesses and will do what they can to support them.

Additionally, 88% of Canadians said that they will spend this winter helping others who need it the most.

What's more, 82% said that those who are having a hard time during the pandemic are being thought of. 

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