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Canadians Are Outraged Over One Woman’s Wheel Of Fortune Win This Week

Indigenous artists say she owes them $62,000.

It's the wheel of payback! That's what one Canadian who won Wheel of Fortune is feeling after managing to win some serious cash and now faces calls to potentially lose it all. 

The contestant was a Saskatoon businesswoman, named Heather, who appeared on the game show on the night of October 27 and snagged US$21,500, according to CBC News.   

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US$21,500 Won on Wheel of Fortune

The problem? Well, it appears the woman owes people thousands of dollars for a failed trip to Tokyo that took place in July 2019.

What's more, the report also says she owes $62,000 of taxpayers' money she was granted by a provincial arts agency called Creative Saskatchewan. 

"It kind of drains me emotionally to see her doing things like [appearing on Wheel of Fortune] still with no remorse for the artists and entrepreneurs she used and harmed," Cree fashion designer Agnes Woodward told CBC.

However, the arts agency confirmed that the Wheel of Fortune winner has been making monthly payments.

In a different article, Heather said she hoped to win enough money to pay for her education as she is studying in L.A. and to go on a trip to Paris with her family.

However, she told CBC News that her winnings will actually go to repaying the people she owes, like Creative Saskatchewan, and buying a new bed set for her two children.

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