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Move Over Gingerbread Houses, Charcuterie Chalets Are 2020's Most Festive Holiday Treat

The gingerbread man's house got a makeover.

Pack your bags, gingerbread man. Cookie-inspired houses are out and charcuterie houses are in. 

One of the staple activities of the holiday season is building tiny homes out of sweets and cookies. 

This year, put a spin on traditional gingerbread houses by making them into little cabins built out of meats, cheese, and crackers.

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These savory versions of gingerbread houses are a charcuterie board lover's dream. 

The new house on the block has a front door made out of crackers, a roof created from salami, and spreadable cheese holding it all together. 

Veggies, olives, and herbs adorn the front lawn making up a green "garden".

Some are even getting fancy with nuts, pretzels, berries, and marshmallows to add the finishing touches on their charcuterie chalets. 

Sorry, gingerbread man, but it might be time for some renovations.