Someone With An AR Rifle Was Arrested During 5th Night Of Protests In Charlotte

A curfew was set in place for 8 p.m.

Protests have cropped up around the country since this past weekend, with many continuing into the week. Protests in North Carolina continued into a fifth night, Tuesday, June 2, with the day starting out peaceful. However, Uptown Charlotte some violent altercations were reported as curfew moved in, and a few arrests were made.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department were tweeting live during the late-night protests in Uptown last night.

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The 'Tinder' For Pet Adoptions Says Everyone Is Looking For Puppy Love Right Now

Ready to adopt or foster?

Continuous swiping through dating apps like Tinder and Bumble might be the activity of many during this quarantine season. If looking for a lifelong partner isn't the move, swiping to find a furry friend to take care of might be a better option. Animal adoption in North Carolina and beyond are getting a lot easier with this app created by true Carolinians. 

"My wife and I had recently found out that we were having our first child. While telling our friends about the great news they recommended an app called Kinder that would help us find names we liked in a fun tinder-like swiping interface," said the creator of Petly to Narcity. 

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You Can Actually 'Hire' A Working Cat From This Adoption Agency In Charlotte

Will work for housing.

People are flocking to find contact from anything, even if it's not another human being. Now more than ever animal adoptions are seeing a massive influx of adopters and foster parents passing through their doors. There's even an animal adoption in Charlotte that has a special program just for cats who will trade a hard days work for a home. 

The Humane Society of Charlotte in North Carolina do their best to find loving forever homes for their many rescued animal friends.

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This New Mural Will Give North Carolina Locals A Splash Of Hope & Laughter

"Pure'll Gold" By Darion Fleming.

Sometimes we have to laugh through the pain. Right now, many people are seeking to find relief during these trying times, including North Carolina residents. There's actually a new art piece, and one of the coolest murals in Charlotte, that's not only a testament to the times but also a comedic breath of fresh air.

27-year-old artist Darion Fleming is a D.C. native that has called Charlotte home for the past seven years. He used his artistry and perspective to create a piece that pretty much sums up our current reality. 

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A Liquor Store In Charlotte Is Creating Sanitizer To Help Local Heroes Combat COVID-19

Approved by the World Health Organization.

In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak, many Americans are unsure of what to expect next and how to proceed. Many businesses have closed, but few are trying to contribute to helping fight the crisis. A liquor store in Charlotte is doing its part by manufacturing an in-demand product.

Doc Porter's Distillery is a spirits shop in the Lower South End of Charlotte, North Carolina. They have produced several major spirits (vodka, gin, bourbon, and rye) in their local distillery since 2014. 

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You Could Live Your Best Life In These Two Booming North Carolina Cities

Millennial central.

The transition into the adult world (and actually being on your own) can be a little terrifying, especially if you're moving to a city where you do not know anyone. The world is your oyster and for the first time, you get to decide where you plant your roots. It's been announced that some of the best places to live in the U.S. include these two North Carolina cities that you have to visit to experience for yourself.

Curbed recently released a list of the 10 best cities for people wanting to relocate, and two of North Carolina's major cities made it on the list. Charlotte and Raleigh are growing in population and modernization, making them hubs for quality millennial living. 

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