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Calling all sushi lovers! There's a spot right outside Chicago, IL, that the Internet is raving over right now because it lets you order a massive pizza box stuffed with an assortment of tasty rolls.

Tanuki Sushi & Grill in Lincoln Park is your regular sushi restaurant serving authentic and contemporary Japanese dishes and fresh sushi.

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If you’re not into celebrating Valentine’s Day this year because heartbreak is to blame, or you just simply want to do something different with your single friends, Chicago, IL, might be the perfect destination to celebrate this holiday in 2023.

An exclusive pop-up event is coming to the city in the form of a break-up bar inspired by no other than many’s favorite pop singer and cat lover, Taylor Swift.

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When it comes to food — particularly easy, cheap eats — Chicagoans have very specific opinions as we can see on restaurant rating websites like Tripadvisor. Whether they're fast food, fast-casual, or super cheap, all places are being judged for their food, service, value and atmosphere.

Since eaters are looking for the best food Chicago has to offer no matter the price, we compiled a list of the top establishments where to get easy, inexpensive delicious food options.

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