China Locked 33K Visitors In At Disneyland & It Was All Because Of One Person

Trapped in an amusement park on Halloween. What could go wrong?

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China Locked 33K Visitors In At Disneyland & It Was All Because Of One Person

There are worse places to get locked in than Disneyland — except when it happens on Halloween and there's an invisible virus potentially locked in there with you.

Chinese officials closed the doors to Shanghai Disneyland and reportedly held more than 33,000 people inside the park on Sunday after one person who may have been a guest tested positive for COVID-19.

Disneyland put on a big fireworks display while visitors awkwardly waited around for nose swabs from health care workers in protective suits. Police were also there to keep everyone in line.

In other words, it was a Halloween to remember.

Testing wrapped up on Monday, and preliminary results came back negative for everyone, state-controlled media said.

It's only the latest dramatic lockdown to happen in China, where the government takes a zero-tolerance stance on infections.

The Disneyland scare may have been triggered by one person who tested positive in the nearby city of Hangzhou after visiting the park on Saturday, the Associated Press reports.

The park says it will remain closed until Wednesday.

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