Trump's Mad The US Doesn't Have Vaccines 'Out NOW' While Canada Is Getting Doses Next Week

A vaccine has already been approved in Canada.
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COVID-19 Vaccine: Trump Is Mad That The US Doesn't Have Doses 'Out NOW'

With a COVID-19 vaccine getting approval in different parts of the world, Donald Trump is mad that the U.S. doesn't have vaccines "out NOW."

Early in the morning on December 11, the president took to Twitter to talk about the vaccines.

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Stop playing games and start saving lives!!! Donald Trump

He pointed the finger at the FDA, which is responsible for approving vaccines in the U.S., for not giving the green light yet.

Trump claimed that he saved the "heavily bureaucratic" FDA five years when it comes to approving new vaccines.

He also called the federal agency "a big, old, slow turtle" and told them to get vaccines "out NOW."

He ended the tweet with, "stop playing games and start saving lives!!!"

According to CBC News, a U.S. government advisory panel endorsed the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine on December 10 and FDA approval should come soon.

Meanwhile, in Canada, that candidate has been approved and provinces already know who will be getting the first vaccines when doses arrive next week.

When Health Canada gave it the green light, one official joked that there was approval here before the U.S. because "we're just better."

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