Brittany Broski May Be An Internet Celebrity But She Will Always Be A Texas 'Country Girl'

She's very proud of her home state.

Brittany Broski in purple sunglasses. Right: Broski wearing a cowboy hat.
Texas Staff Writer

Brittany Broski in purple sunglasses. Right: Broski wearing a cowboy hat.

Ever since the "Kombucha girl" meme came about in 2019, the star of the viral TikTok video Brittany Tomlinson has become the ultimate online celebrity loved by over 8 million social media followers, and even a few stars.

The 25-year-old from Dallas, TX who goes by Brittany Broski online makes the entire Internet chuckle with her meme-able reaction faces, comedic characters she acts in videos as — typically with a Southern influence — and all-around hilarious commentary on pop culture.

These days, the content creator is on a US tour with Sarah Schauer for their podcast talking about all things Internet culture called Violating Community Guidelines. However, before she found fame, she got her start in the Lone Star State, and her Southern background is still very much present in her content today.

The Dallasite has the typical Texas past, even admitting she was a "country girl" during her college years at Texas A&M University in an Instagram caption last year. She still attends the football games with her siblings in College Station, TX occasionally.

The 'Texas country girl' still seems present in Broski, who regularly dons a cowboy hat and speaks with a country twang sometimes.

Also, on the podcast, you can spot multiple Texas-inspired stickers littered across the back of her laptop. She also often drinks from a tumbler that resembles a Whataburger cup.


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Between attending award shows and hanging out in California, Broski still finds the time to visit her hometown and hang out with her friends there. Some followers are even starstruck at the thought of finding her in Texas.

"Imagine being out in Dallas and just seeing Britney Broski.... I'd f***ing cry," a fan once commented on an Instagram post.

The TikToker also has a famous network of friends — she's become BFFs with drag queen Trixie Mattel, and has hung out with music star Orville Peck multiple times as per multiple Instagram posts.

However, it was Harry Styles that Broski was most starstruck to meet, as she's been a One Direction fan since the early days of the band. The superfan met the 'As It Was' singer backstage in May and held her composure while conversing with him, but was a puddle of tears after the meetup.

Broski did not immediately respond to Narcity's request for a comment on her online success.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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