This Texas Woman Gained 5.5M Followers On TikTok By Sharing Her Best Cleaning Tips

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Vanesa Amaro in a black top. Right: Amaro in a white shirt cleaning a toilet.
Texas Staff Writer

Vanesa Amaro in a black top. Right: Amaro in a white shirt cleaning a toilet.

A Texas housekeeper began sharing cleaning tips on TikTok during the 2020 quarantine and since then, she has gained 5.5 million followers on the app.

Vanesa Amaro from Austin, Texas, has earned the nickname "Queen of cleaning" by spending the last two years sharing videos of different tips for cleaning household spaces and transformation clips of her tidying up clients' homes.

She can teach you how to get rid of bathroom mold, tell you which cleaning products you must add to your repertoire, and show you how she declutters houses with the help of her husband.

Oh yeah, and she also cleans houses for free for people in need, sometimes by using donations from her followers.


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The Latina content creator, who has been cleaning for 7 years, has mentioned in videos that she wants to help followers learn how to clean spaces quicker, yet still just as deep.

"As housekeepers, we have learned to manage our time, and we have also learned tips and tricks and hacks on how to clean your house fast," she said this August.

But she's not keeping those trade secrets to herself, and you can learn a wealth of knowledge by watching her TikTok videos, which each regularly receive millions of views.


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She additionally posts regular "exclusive" things on her Instagram and has an ebook with a deeper dive into practices to get your home "spic and span".

The TikToker is also sure to include non-English speakers who are a part of her viewership as she posts the same content in Spanish on a separate IG account.

Amaro has not answered Narcity's request for comment yet.

Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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