These 6 Spring Cleaning Hacks Will Help You Stay On Budget & They Work Surprisingly Well

Use these everyday items to get ahead!

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A washing machine. Right: A girl cleaning dishes.

A washing machine. Right: A girl cleaning dishes.

With rising prices on just about everything these days, staying on budget is key even with things like chores and spring cleaning.

An expert is sharing her cleaning hacks and tips and they include everyday products you probably already have at home.

Kim Dunn, a brand ambassador with Molly Maid, says you don't have to spend a lot to deep clean certain items.

Here's how common items like rice and mouthwash can supercharge your spring cleaning in 2023.

Use mouthwash to clean your washer

If you have a front loading washing machine then you may have noticed oil and scum piling on the inside of the glass.

A great way to clean your machine is by simply using mouthwash.

"It's a germ killer. It breaks down the oils. It freshens it [and] leaves it smelling great," Dunn explains.

All you need to do is add one cup of mouthwash into the drum of the washing machine and put it on a hot water or sanitary cycle.

Use toothpaste to clean reusable containers 

Don't you hate it when spaghetti or other sauces stain your reusable containers?

Toothpaste is actually a great way to not only remove any lasting odours but it also removes stains from your tupperware.

According to Dunn, just take a little dollop of toothpaste and use a brush or cloth to give the container a good scrub.

Use a tennis racket to beat dust out of cushions

Dust can build up in your couch cushions and even on your rugs.

Using a tennis racket outside will not only help you remove all that dust, but it's also a good stress reliever.

"Once you've done that you can leave them out in the sun as well because (...) the UV rays will freshen and remove scent and you're getting out all that dirt as well," the cleaning expert advises.

Clean reusable bottles with rice 

Reusable bottles can be tough to clean, especially the ones with a narrow opening.

Dunn says rather than trying to cram a cloth in there, try using some uncooked rice.

All you have to do is add rice, a bit of soap and some cold water into your water bottle and give it a good shake.

"The rice actually works as an abrasive and will clean the scum and everything that's left inside of them," Dunn tells Narcity.

Use wax paper to clean a can opener

Can openers can get quite filthy and Dunn says they should be cleaned after every use.

She recommends folding up a piece of wax paper into a square, sticking it under the blade, and then clamping down on it and twisting the can opener.

"It's actually going to loosen any of the dirt that's sitting in behind the blade," Dunn says. "It's actually going to put a little bit of a wax coating on there to make it easier and food and stuff won't be sticking to it."

Use salt to clean your iron

Your clothing iron is another appliance that needs to be cleaned on an annual basis.

A safe way to clean it is by laying down some newspaper and sprinkling regular table salt on top.

Then warm up your iron and do circles with it over the salt.

"The salt acts like a sandpaper (...) just taking away the marks and grime," Dunn says.

Make sure to wipe off any residual salt afterwards so it doesn't get transferred to your clothes.

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Asymina Kantorowicz
Associate Editor, Global
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