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A Texas Parrot Gained 1.5M TikTok Followers By Speaking Spanish To His Human Brother

He calls Bruno a sassy "second mom." 🦜

Bruno the parrot on a counter. Right: Bruno in a viral TikTok video.

Bruno the parrot on a counter. Right: Bruno in a viral TikTok video.

Texas Staff Writer

Many animals win the hearts of TikTok users, and a Texas parrot just became another favorite pet on the Internet.

Bruno is a bird from Houston, TX, and has garnered a following of 1.5 million people obsessed with how bluntly he speaks in Spanish.

His human brother Johnathan (@jhono.official) is the one who posts the videos and calls the bird a sassy "Latina mom" because he talks exactly like his own human mother. The user calls his mom "the OG" and occasionally addresses Bruno as his "second mom".


Watch the sass Bruno 😤

In each clip, the bright green feathered parrot is heard speaking clear Spanish words that sometimes create complete sentences.

People have asked the TikToker the reason his pet sounds exactly like a "Hispanic aunt" or "Abuelita," and he responded with a clip of the animal sitting on his human brother’s shoulder while a family member is speaking in Spanish.

Some of the bird’s most popular posts involve "the OG" and Bruno having full-blown conversations with each other, becoming quite a comedic duo.


Bruno’s the type to interrupt your sentences halfway through 🤧

On any given post, the family can receive up to a million views, which most likely come from people who are astonished at the bird's oration.

Each comment section is full of people pointing out his cheeky comments in amazement.

The comment section on one of @jhono.official's TikToks.The comment section on one of @jhono.official's TikToks.jhono.official | TikTok

Just a few days ago, the famous bird left the Lone Star State behind to live with his "big bro,” who recently moved to Los Angeles, CA for now.

Narcity reached out to Johnathan for comment about his and Bruno's TikTok popularity and will update the article when we receive a response.

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