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If you've been craving a little trip around the world, this spot is a great place to start. The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse in Colorado will whisk you away to another continent with its dreamy decor and tasty treats. You'll feel like you've flown thousands of miles away, all without leaving the Centennial State.

This authentic restaurant was custom built and transported across the ocean to the Rockies. It was rebuilt after being transported from Tajikistan, and this dreamy venue is the real deal.

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If you have always dreamed of finding hidden rooms behind bookshelves stacked with vintage reads, you don't have to look further than this spot. Williams & Graham bookstore in Denver is a secret speakeasy nestled behind towering shelves of novels, so you can feel like you've been whisked away to Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.

After all, where else do you find disappearing rooms, crafty cocktails, and concealed entrances?

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We like big buns, and we cannot lie, burger buns, that is. If you want your patties a little on the wild side, this one is for you. Crave Real Burgers in Denver is home to a delicious donut burger, complete with all the classic fixings inside a sugary bun. Now you can get two of your favorite treats all rolled into one.

Crave Real Burgers serves up both a standard and wilder menu, so burger lovers everywhere can rejoice at the limitless (kind of) options available for your patty craving.

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If you love jet-setting off to island paradises, or just daydream about it, this restaurant might be the next best thing. Casa Bonita Restaurant in Denver is a tropical getaway complete with a towering waterfall and shimmering lagoon. You can dine in a Utopia of cliffs and turquoise waters while enjoying the feels of Acapulco.

Located in Denver, Colorado, this stunning restaurant serves delicious Mexican cuisine.

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We've all wanted to visit haunted places like abandoned hospitals, hotels, and even houses, but are you ready to eat in a funeral home? Linger Eatuary in Colorado is a mortuary turned restaurant that used to serve a very different kind of clientele, but has since become a local hotspot. Now, you can dine among funeral parlor furniture and perhaps even meet a restless spirit on your way to the bathroom.

Located in Denver, Colorado, this little slice of eerie architecture has a fascinating past but also serves a great cocktail.

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