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Carrie Lynn's Plant Shop In Las Vegas Is A Dreamy Green Paradise

There is something about making new friends that feels so refreshing, and not all new acquaintances have to be human! You can go on an epic plant safari at this delightful spot to find your new leafy BFF. Carrie Lynn's Plant Shop in Las Vegas is a dreamy green paradise filled with gorgeous plant friends looking for a new home.

If you've been craving something to care for that listens without talking back, you might find exactly what you're looking for at this spot.

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Carrie Lynn's Plant Shop is nestled in an adorable shopping center that was once a Las Vegas motel.

When you walk in the door, a room filled with lush greenery awaits.

It looks like your own private jungle complete with dreamy hanging plants and a cozy orange sofa.

You can wander around and explore the variety of leafy friends before getting down to brass tacks.

When it comes to picking out your new partner in "thyme," you have room to be prickly.

This spot offers a multitude of options that include succulents, tropical-looking floor plants, and precious potted gems.

They range in price, with some succulents starting at $5.50. Plus, you can pick out awesome accessories to go with them, too.

Cute planters and pots will cost you anywhere from $6.50 and up, and there are colorful prints and pins to adorn your plant's new "pad."

The friendly staff is there to give you tips on keeping your new pal alive, so you can go home assured you both will bond perfectly.

No matter if you are searching for a towering masterpiece to fill a sunny corner or a tiny green friend to sit next to your bed, this spot has it all.

You might fall in love with several and have to take them all home!

If you're finally ready to commit to owning something without too many responsibilities, this dreamy shop should be your first stop.

Carrie Lynn's Plant Shop

Price: Free to visit

Address: 1028 Fremont St., Unit 109, Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Go: This magical spot is filled with friendly leafy pals waiting for you to take them home.


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