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If there are any Marvel superfans near Detroit, then this super cool opportunity might interest you. A talent company is hosting an open call for a new movie starring three major Avengers stars. Sebastian Stan is in talks to star in the film!

Sebastian Stan, who played Bucky in several films, Josh Brolin, who starred as the formidable Thanos, and Don Cheadle, who lent his talents to the role of James Rhodes/War Machine have all been in talks to star in the movie. 

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An impressive collection is coming to the Henry Ford Museum on March 28. There will be over 300 Marvel artifacts on display, including some that are larger than life. If you feel like spending an afternoon stepping out of the real world and into the pages of comic books then you should check it out.

This is meant to be an immersive experience. A composer wrote a score specifically for the exhibit.

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Every city needs its landmarks that others think about when they come into town. Sure, government buildings and historic sites are cool, but what about memorializing our cultural icons? Out of all of the movies that take place in the great city of Detroit, RoboCop is definitely one of the most recognizable. Starting this spring, visiting a statue of this icon will be just one of many things to do in Detroit

Luckily, the dismal future of Detroit that the movie imagined in the '80s didn't turn out to be totally true, but it still remains a movie that people here claim as their own. 

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Have you ever left your house in the winter just hoping that the drive to work is going to go smoothly? Road conditions in Detroit can be a tricky part of the morning commute and a new update to the Waze app is here to help you out this season. 

Waze revolutionized the navigation game when it debuted over a decade ago and then cemented its place in our home screens when Google purchased it for a billion dollars in 2013

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