A Canadian Got Arrested After A NYE Gathering & Donald Trump Jr. Called It 'Insanity'

He warned Americans to "wake the hell up."
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Donald Trump Jr. Shared His Opinions On Canada's COVID-19 Rules In A New Tweet

Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr., has taken to social media to criticize an arrest that took place in Gatineau, Quebec.

Retweeting a video of a Canadian getting arrested for attending a private gathering on New Year’s Eve, Trump Jr. described the scene as “insanity.”

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This is insanity and it’s coming here soon if you don’t wake the hell up.   Donald Trump Jr.

As part of the tweet, the American president’s son suggested that similar confrontations could come to the United States unless people “wake the hell up.”

The clip shows a person being removed from a household in Quebec and taken to the ground by police officers.

According to Gatineau Police, officers were responding to a complaint about a private gathering of six people.

Such events are currently banned under the province's COVID-19 restrictions.

"The individuals were recalcitrant and refused to cooperate,” Gatineau Police said in a statement, per CTV News. 

“The individual arrested in the video had assaulted a police officer, hitting him in the face a few times." 

Attendees were issued with $1,500 fines and those arrested were later released at the scene.

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