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Trump Is Tweeting Again In 2021 & Now He's Bragging About How He 'Ended' ObamaCare

He's been tweeting about Joe Biden and the election again, too.
Donald Trump Is Tweeting Again In 2021 & He's Bragging About How He 'Ended' ObamaCare

Some things never change! President Donald Trump is back on Twitter for 2021 and he’s been posting about Joe Biden, the 2020 U.S. election and how he “ended” ObamaCare.

After tweeting “HAPPY NEW YEAR” on January 1, the American president shared a considerable number of messages ahead of the new year.

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Within hours of ringing in the new year, Trump took to Twitter to share details of a “BIG” protest rally in Washington D.C.

He also continued to tweet about the 2020 U.S. election, which he lost back in early November.

“Massive amounts of evidence will be presented on the 6th. We won, BIG!” wrote the incumbent president on January 1.

Within 24 hours, he’d also tweeted to tell Fox News that its weekend show was “ not watchable” and retweeted a message from Donald Trump Jr. about Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live.

On January 2, he also took aim at Obamacare, asking for “historical purposes” to be remembered as the person who “ended ObamaCare as we knew it.”

While Trump continues to claim the 2020 American election was fraudulent, Joe Biden has been officially confirmed as the winner. He is set to be inaugurated on January 20, 2021.

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