It’s official! The Electoral College has formally confirmed that Joe Biden is the winner of the U.S. election, and Donald Trump has still refused to concede.

On Monday, December 14, the presidential electors solidified Biden’s majority of 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232, according to CTV News

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Our democracy — pushed, tested, threatened — proved to be resilient, true, and strong. Joe Biden

It was the same margin that Trump won by in 2016, which he described as a landslide victory at the time.

On Monday evening, following the formal announcement, Biden addressed the nation.

"Once again in America, the rule of law, our Constitution, and the will of the people have prevailed,” he said.

He described the U.S. democracy as “resilient” and “strong," before going on to reiterate that 81 million people had voted for him.

Despite Biden’s speech, Trump did not concede.

Instead, the incumbent president took to Twitter to continue to make unsupported claims of election fraud.

In the past week alone, he’s called Biden an “illegitimate president,” called out Twitter for flagging his posts as misleading and continued to claim that he won the election.

On Monday evening, he tweeted, “Many Trump votes were routed to Biden.”

“This Fake Election can no longer stand,” he added. “Get moving Republicans. Big Swing State Win!  75,000,000 VOTES.”