Canada's Class-Action Lawsuit Against Microsoft Is 'Simple' & You Don't Even Need Receipts

You could claim up to $250!
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Microsoft Class-Action Lawsuit Is 'Really Simple' & You Don't Even Need Receipts

Getting money from Canada’s Microsoft class-action lawsuit is easy as pie, as customers are not required to provide receipts or proof of purchase for some claims.

Earlier this year, one of Canada’s largest-ever class-action lawsuits was launched against Microsoft and Microsoft Canada.

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100,000 Canadians have filed claims so far

It accuses the company of conspiring to illegally increase product prices.

While the company has agreed to the settlement, CBC News reports that it has not admitted liability at this time and denies any wrongdoing.

Per the agreement, Canadian customers can claim up to $250 for their Microsoft PC software, which includes Windows, Office, Word, Excel or MS-DOS, without having to provide any documentation.

The programs must have been bought between December 23, 1998, and March 11, 2010, but receipts aren’t necessary for all transactions.

"We did our best to make it really simple," Vancouver lawyer Naomi Kovak told CBC News.

“Not very many people are going to have proof of purchase going back to products they purchased in 1998,” she added.

Anybody with a claim worth over $250 will have to provide receipts, however.

According to Kovak, over 100,000 Canadians have filed claims since November 23.

The suit is capped at $517 million, which is lowered to $400 million after legal fees are deducted.

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