A Lawsuit Against Facebook Wants $1K For Canadians With Breached Data

622,000 Canadians reportedly had their information shared! 😳
Facebook Log In page. Right: Canadian money.

Facebook Log In page. Right: Canadian money.

A Canadian lawsuit is taking on a social media giant.

In recent years, there have been debates about what kind of power companies should have in keeping within their jurisdiction, or lack thereof.

And Facebook is no exception.

The company has been in hot water in the last few years in regard to discrimination, influencing elections, and data breaches.

And it seems some Canadians have had enough.

Two Calgary residents have now taken it up with the law and are suing the social media company for damages.

This comes after Facebook allegedly let an outside company have access to the personal information of users.

Among those who received information was a firm called Cambridge Analytica, which was also entangled in America's political campaigns, per The Canadian Press via CTV News.

Behind the class-action lawsuit is Saul Benary and Karma Holoboff, Tony Merchant of Merchant Law Group told Narcity.

The two have petitioned the Federal Court to force Facebook to up their security to protect users and their information.

But that's not all. They're also seeking $1,000 for every Canadian that had their data breached by Facebook.

That's a lot of money, since around 622,000 Canadians reportedly had their information shared with outsiders.

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