Trump Tweeted There's 'NO WAY' He Lost The US Election & Now 'YES WAY' Is Trending

He's showing no sign of conceding.
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Donald Trump Tweets There's 'NO WAY' He Lost The Election & Now 'YES WAY' Is Trending

He’s still showing no sign of giving up! Donald Trump just tweeted that there’s “NO WAY” he lost the U.S. election earlier this month, but now “YES WAY” is trending in response.

Taking to Twitter late on Sunday night, Donald Trump posted yet another heavily-capitalized message about this November's presidential election.

“NO WAY WE LOST THIS ELECTION!” he wrote while reposting a clip of a busy-looking Trump rally.

However, within just a couple of hours, "YES WAY" began trending as Twitter-users responded to the incumbent president.

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“YES WAY! The people have spoken & want you gone! Man up!” one person wrote.

Another Twitter-user shared a similar response, writing, “YES WAY YOU LOST THE ELECTION!”

As of Monday morning, more than 31,000 tweets with those words had been shared. Eek!

This isn’t the first time the president has been trolled on social media recently, either.

Earlier this month, he was described as a “White House Karen” for refusing to concede to President-elect Joe Biden.

On American Thanksgiving, “things we should thank Trump for” was trending online, but the responses were pretty ruthless!

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