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Trump Just Called Biden An 'Illegitimate President' & Says He Won The Election

He says the election was the "most corrupt" ever.
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Donald Trump Just Called Biden An 'Illegitimate President' & Still Says He Won The Election

Over one month after Americans headed to the polls, the incumbent president is showing no signs of backing down.

In a series of recent tweets, Donald Trump is still claiming to have won the U.S. election and has called Joe Biden an “illegitimate president.”

In one tweet shared on Thursday, December 10, he said Biden had lost the electoral race by "hundreds of thousands" of legal votes.

In another, Trump described it as the "most corrupt Election in history by far," before adding, "We won!!!"

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Earlier on the same day, Trump tweeted, “78% of the people feel (know!) the Election was RIGGED.”

In another post, he simply wrote, “WISDOM & COURAGE!!!”

Almost all of the president’s recent posts have been flagged by Twitter as potentially misleading and have included the warning “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

The social-media site has been flagging Trump’s posts ever since the projected election result was initially announced.

So many of his posts have been flagged that he actually demanded Twitter not to flag them anymore.

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