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DoorDash's Monthly Subscription Lets You Access A New Canadian Restaurant Deal Every Week This Summer

With $0 delivery fees, these exclusive deals are too good to pass up.

At this point, pretty much none of us are strangers to getting some takeout delivered. Whether it's for a quick meal, a full-on family feast, or a simple late-night craving, there's nothing quite like the convenience of getting delicious grub from your go-to eateries at the touch of a button.

When it comes to ordering from the pros, DoorDash is a leading local logistics platform that connects people with the best in their cities. If you haven’t already, right now is a great time to check them out.

DoorDash has a monthly subscription called DashPass which helps you save money by offering unlimited, $0 delivery fees on orders of $12 or more on tons of the best local and national eateries in your area. Now they're offering DashPass subscribers free food items all summer long. All you have to do is look for restaurants with the DashPass checkmark.

If you enjoy getting takeout (and who doesn't?), the DashPass membership will be worth it as it pays for itself in just 3 orders a month. Plus, you can cancel at any time with no strings attached.


If you didn't already have a good excuse to order in, check out the exclusive restaurant deals that you can access this summer with your monthly DashPass membership: 

  • Week of August 3: Get a free LightLife Burger from Harveys when you order $12 or more
  • Week of August 10: Get B-O-G-O entrées from Chipotle
  • Week of August 18: Get $20 off your next Pickup order
  • Week of August 24: Get a free quarter chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet when you order $25 or more
  • Week of August 31: Celebrate National Pizza Week with up to $15 savings on pizza orders

DoorDash started out by arranging door-to-door delivery, which is turning out to be only the beginning of connecting customers with possibility; that is, the possibility to enjoy awesome meals conveniently from your home; the chance to build stronger local communities; and the opportunity for you to save — big time, like with their summer of DashPass deals. After all, who wants to cook in the heat when you can access a huge variety of local and national restaurants in Canada?

Hungry yet? Head over to the DoorDash website and get in on their summer of DashPass deals. You can follow them on Instagram too.