For 2020, Dr. Theresa Tam has released her annual report as Canada's Chief Public Health Officer and it's all about COVID-19.

The CPHO Annual Report is put out each year about the state of public health in Canada with different overarching topics.

Last year it was about addressing stigma and this year it's about an equitable approach to COVID-19.

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No one is protected from COVID-19 until everyone is protected.

Dr. Theresa Tam

This report looks at COVID-19 across the country, how the pandemic has affected people unequally and how we move forward.

Canada's top doctor noted that while we're all feeling the effects of the pandemic, the health impacts associated with it have been worse for some people more than others.

That includes essential works, seniors, racialized people, people with disabilities and women.

"No one is protected from COVID-19 until everyone is protected," Dr. Tam said.

The day before the report was released, the Prime Minister gave an emotional speech about how much this pandemic sucks but "better days are coming."

He also shared a heartbreaking question that his six-year-old asked him about COVID-19.