Everyone knows that it gets uncomfortably hot in the Sunshine State. That's why on every corner you can find a cafe that sells cool, tasty drinks to save you from the searing heat. A cafe in Orlando called Ice & Bites, however, has taken "cool" to another level with not only their name but their menu and atmosphere too. 

Decked out in chic decor that'll be picture perfect for your Instafeed, this cafe is sure to offer a menu that fits right along with it. 

Ice & Bites has carved out a name in the Orlando cafe scene thanks to its unique Sakura Drink, an iced drink topped with cotton candy. But there's so much more than just that.

Ice & Bites allows you to create your own drink, and you can come up with nearly any concoction your heart desires.

If you're in the mode for ice, low-fat, mocha, honeydew, and spiced chai drink, then you'll be sipping that slice of paradise in no time.

The cafe also has a wider assortment of their own drink creations, from the springy-like Cherry Blossom to the Midnight Dream that is certainly dreamy to your taste buds. Whatever drink is on your mind and heart, Ice & Bites will have you covered.

You can also pair up your drink with some food (the "Bites" part), and this portion of the restaurant is not without creativity either, whipping up things like rice burgers, chicken bites, and spinach & cheese ravioli.

The best part might be that this cafe is actually really affordable, which is heaven to both your tastebuds and your wallet.

Ice & Bites 

Price: 💸

Address: 3401 Technological Ave #220, Orlando, FL 

Why You Should Go: You will enjoy cotton candy drinks and rice burgers in a cute, dreamy setting that will also be easy on your wallet. 


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