Fall is in full swing at the moment, which means you're doing something wrong if you're not exploring outside. 

Abraham Lake in Alberta has become iconic for its frozen-bubble phenomenon that sets in during winter. But don't even think about underestimating its fall beauty.  

The golden colours have positively surrounded the lake from all directions, and it's a paradise for autumn-lovers. 

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So if you haven't yet made the trip to this spectacular lake near Jasper National Park, do so immediately. 

The lake is in Clearwater County, which is about three and a half hours away from Edmonton. 

You might not know this but this is actually an artificial lake. It was built alongside the Bighorn Dam in 1972.   

Yet the manmade construction doesn't take anything away from the turquoise-blue waters that sparkle under the sun throughout the summer and fall months. 

There are a bunch of hiking trails around the lake area, so you can pick and choose a trek that suits you the best. Or you can just sit at a bench and gaze out at the fall colours

Abraham Lake

Address: Abraham Lake, Highway 11, Nordegg, AB

Why You Need To Go: To feast your eyes on a breathtaking lake that comes alive amidst the magnetic fall colours.