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Edmonton Threatens To Crack Down On COVID-19 Measures With Or Without Jason Kenney

"Stronger measures are needed and needed soon."
Edmonton Threatens To Crack Down On COVID-19 Measures With Or Without Jason Kenney

Edmonton has its eyes on Jason Kenney. On Thursday, November 19, interim city manager Adam Laughlin and Mayor Don Iveson addressed the public about the state of COVID-19 in Edmonton

The mayor said he wants more restrictions to come from the province so that all Albertan municipalities can be included.

Though, Laughlin did say that "Some have judged the current targeted restrictions as inadequate in the face of deteriorating community health and safety trends."

Further, he said the city is looking into what more they can do "within our jurisdiction, authority and mandate." 

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I think stronger measures are needed — and needed soon — and we will continue to encourage the Government of Alberta to go in that direction, but I do sense mounting frustration among my colleagues and among Edmontonians. Mayor Don Iveson

"It’s a very disempowering situation right now frankly. We’re looking for what we can do and I think the first thing that we can do is advocate for stronger measures than are in place right now," Laughlin continued. 

While the Edmonton administration wants Alberta to take the reins, Laughlin said the city may have to take it upon themselves to make changes.

If this is the case, he mentioned potential restrictions for recreation, public transit, masks, and perhaps another state of local emergency.

According to provincial data, Alberta currently has 10,382 active cases of COVID-19. The Edmonton Zone has 4,388. 

In comparison, the Calgary Zone has 4,219.

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