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Edmonton Has Stopped Handing Out Its Controversial 'Mask Exception Cards'

The ones they did hand out are still valid.
Edmonton's Mask Exemption Program Ends & The City Has Stopped Handing Cards Out

After a bylaw requiring mandatory masks came into effect earlier this month, Edmonton's mask exemption program is not running anymore.

The Albertan capital announced on Wednesday, August 12 that they would stop handing out the cards and they don't have plans yet to distribute them again.



According to the city, by 12 p.m. on Tuesday, August 11, they hand already handed out almost 4,000 cards 

"We trust that those with legitimate exemptions have been able to obtain a card up to this point," reads a city release.

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Any of the cards that were given out between August 8 and 12 are still valid, but the unique program faced criticism and appears to have come to an end for now.

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