A woman in Parkland, Alberta experienced a horrific daylight robbery. On Father's Day 2020, that is, on Sunday, June 21, Stephanie Fodchuk had returned home only to find out there was a robbery underway. The Parkland robbery had the woman held at gunpoint for an extended period of time. 

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes excessive violence.

According to the Spruce Grover Examiner, Fodchuk had returned home from a Father's Day lunch only to spot an unfamiliar black vehicle in her Parkland County driveway. 

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First, she'd assumed that she was getting a delivery from Amazon, but upon a closer look, she discovered that there were two males trying to get through the "big bay doors." 

In a statement sent to Narcity on Wednesday, July 15, Parkland RCMP said that there were four robbers involved: three males and one female. The investigation is ongoing. 

When she saw the intruders, Fodchuk reportedly began yelling at the robbers while inside her vehicle and told them that their actions were being recorded on camera. 

Her remarks did nothing as the burglars continued to steal. Fodchuk dialled 911 and got on the phone with dispatch. 

Soon after, as the robbers were making their exit off the property, Fodchuk decided to follow them in her truck. They were supposed to turn right to leave the subdivision but they turned left instead. 

“Well, when I turned left, there was another gentleman, using the term loosely, holding a gun to my windshield,” Fodchuk told the Examiner.

Fodchuk remained there for quite a while as the 911 dispatchers were still on the line. "It felt like an eternity. I’m peeking out the top and he’s still standing there with just no care in his eyes. He just did not care," she told the Examiner. 

She said she had managed to alert her family through text while ducking down. Her husband was able to get hold of the live security footage and was able to see the whole thing go down. 

"My husband's watching the whole thing happen in Grande Prairie and then obviously running to his truck and driving home. Cause I had sent a text to my family just saying like, 'We're being robbed, they have a gun," she told CTV News.  

The burglars returned to the property as Fodchuk remained on the floor.

Once she'd confirmed that they'd finally left the property, the 911 dispatchers advised her to stay put inside her home. 

After the robbers had left, Fodchuk got on the phone with her husband. He reportedly asked her, "Where’s the Chevy?" That's when she realized that their silver truck had been stoled.

Fodchuk told the Examiner that the robbers used their black car to smash it down the driveway before stealing it. The police were able to recover the truck off the side of the road.

They've added new security equipment to their home but Fodchuk told CTV News that she still feels anxious and is experiencing panic attacks. 

Fodchuk provided Narcity with a screenshot taken from her security footage. It shows the female suspect who had been agitating her four dogs through the window, she told us.   

Following the traumatic incident, Fodchuk is advocating for better patrolling in rural areas, reported the Examiner. She suggested that officers that are not RCMP can also have the right to investigate rural subdivisions. 

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