Cars Are Being Stolen From Toronto Driveways & It's Taking Thieves Under A Minute (VIDEO)

Keep your FOBs away from the front door!
Toronto's Car Thefts Are On The Rise & It's Taking Thieves Minutes (VIDEO)

Toronto's car thieves are at it again. Police are warning residents of Scarborough to take extra precautions with their keyless vehicles after multiple hi-tech burglaries were reported. Toronto's car thefts have been happening throughout 42 Division, and one was even caught on camera.

Home security footage shows a 48-second clip in which two carjackers can be seen approaching a doorstep and stealing the SUV parked in the driveway.

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The thieves do this by using an electronic wire of sorts, and the whole procedure takes them under a minute. 

In a news release, Toronto Police write that they believe the wire the thieves are using is a radio frequency amplifier, which increases the signal range of a keyless FOB.

With this device, they can activate the signal from the keyless FOB while standing within range of it.

They are then able to use it to open and even start the car, as can be seen in the video.

While one person stands near the doorstep of the house and attempts to gather the signal from the FOB, the second person will stand at the door of the car and receive the signal from there. 

Police are warning everyone who uses keyless cars to take the necessary preventative measures to avoid this scenario. 

One of the best and easiest ways to prevent these kinds of thefts is to make sure that the burglars have no signal to catch. 

That means leaving your keyless FOBs as far away from the front door (and car) as possible.

Parking your car in the garage is another easy preventative measure to avoid having your vehicle stolen overnight. 

Police have also suggested purchasing a vehicle tracking device or a secondary car alarm system.

You can also consider leaving your keys in a Faraday bag, which will block outside signal tampering. 

In the winter, warm-up thefts were a huge issue across the GTA.  

Multiple cars were stolen after drivers left their car running in the driveway to warm up. 

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