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GTA Vehicle Thefts Are Happening In Under A Minute, Says Police

Halton police are warning residents about a recent increase in high-end vehicle thefts that have resulted in a total of 124 cars being stolen in Oakville since January 2021.

The vehicles, which are reportedly being stolen by keyless entry and push-start technology, are taken from residents' driveways overnight with thefts typically taking less than a minute.

In one video that was posted on the police's Twitter account, two thieves can be seen driving away with a car in 44 seconds.

According to police, the thieves are using a "relay device" that allows them to locate a key fob signal from inside a residence without ever entering the home.

"The thieves do not need to enter the residence in order to find the signal. The signal is then amplified which allows the thieves to unlock, start and steal the vehicle. The vehicle owner discovers their vehicle has been stolen, even though they are in possession of their key fob," reads the statement.

Police say that some ways to protect your car include parking it in a locked garage, installing a steering wheel lock and equipping your vehicle with an alarm.

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