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Vehicle Theft Has Doubled In Ottawa This Year & These Models Are Being Targeted The Most

Police give some tips on how to prevent it.

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Ottawa Police Service vehicle.

Ottawa Police Service vehicle.

Watch your driver-side door, folks. Vehicle theft has more than doubled in the nation's capital this year, the Ottawa Police Service says.

On May 31, Ottawa Police issued a press release warning the public of a sharp uptick in vehicle thefts. In the last two weeks alone, the police service recorded 21 stolen Honda CRVs.

It's a sign of a bigger trend outlined by the police service. Over 230 vehicles have been reported stolen, which is double the number stolen during the same period in 2021.

Police say the thieves are targeting newer models of the Honda CRV, but are also moving to other new vehicles with push-button starts. Other targeted models include the Dodge Durango, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Highlanders, Lexus RX and Ford F-Series trucks.

"We have noted a shift in trends regarding vehicle thefts as we are now seeing a sudden spike in CRV thefts from owner driveways and more vehicles being taken from car dealerships outside their hours of operation," said Detective Doug Belanger of the Central Criminal Investigation Unit in a press release.

Police warn the public to watch their driver-side doors, saying they are often mechanically broken into. They add that vehicles' Engine Control Module ports are being used to reprogram a new key.

Police are encouraging people to report any attempted incidents, including ones that result in key fobs that no longer work.

Tips to help curb vehicle thefts include parking in garages or close to other vehicles, as well as using a wheel lock. Police note that more tips are available online.

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