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Alberta's Tallest Waterfall Plunges From Over 9 Stories High

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Not every paradise is tropical. Sometimes you can be left breathless by Mother Nature where you least expect it. There can be a spellbinding beauty in those lands away from the crowds of tourists. If you are up for a real adventure, then you'll want to see the tallest waterfall in Alberta at least once in your life. 

Along the border between B.C. and Alberta, you can find Kakwa Wildland Provincial Park. Deep within the massive 650 square kilometres rugged area, you'll find the spectacular Kakwa Falls.

The waterfall is the hight of some apartment buildings. The cascading water plunges over nine stories down a rocky cliff.

But seeing the tallest falls in the province is no simple walk in the park. Instead, it should only be visited by well-prepared wilderness travellers.

To get to the main attraction, you'll need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to cross the forested valley. You'll also need to be ready with essentials like GPS, maps, and survival gear.

After driving along the bumpy roads, you'll eventually need to park and begin the short hike to Kakwa Falls. The last bit of the trek is relatively easy at is 1.2-kilometres long and mainly flat. 

From the viewpoint, you'll see the roaring 30 metres high Kakwa Falls in all its glory.

The falls are genuinely mesmerizing and well worth the effort to get there. 

While in the day area, you'll find picnic tables and fire pits to enjoy a meal before heading back home.

Or you could always book a stay at one of the few backcountry campground sites in the park. As while you are here, you can also enjoy ATVing on some of the trails, or visiting the other smaller waterfalls.

Before you depart, make sure to check with the road conditions with Alberta Parks. As at times, they can be covered with water and would be too dangerous to pass.

If you have years of backcountry hiking under your belt and a thirst for adventure, then you'll undoubtedly want to add this spot to your bucket list.

Kakwa Falls

Address: Kakwa Wildland Provincial Park, AB-666, Grovedale, AB

Why You Need To Go: You can see Alberta's tallest waterfall.

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