On this episode of Good Bites Takeout, host Mahlet Yordanos is stepping out for a taste of Tut's Egyptian Street Food, specializing in Egyptian sandwiches that you can't find anywhere else in Toronto.

This labour of love came about when the owners missed the street food back in their home country of Cairo. So they decided to bring a taste of home to Canada.

The menu strictly focuses on sandwiches filled with Egyptian-style meats, veggies, and sauces served between freshly baked in-house Egyptian-style buns.

Mahlet Yordanos | Narcity

The Order:
Ferakh | $3.99
Soguk | $3.99
Kofta | $3.99
Arnabeet | $3.99
Kebda | $3.99
Taameyya | $3.99
Sakalans | $3.99

Address: 567 King Street West

For more information, check out Tut's Egyptian Street Food on Instagram.