Seeing a fellow Albertan win the lottery is extra special because it makes us feel like it's actually a thing that can happen to people rather than just a daydream. 

We love a good victory story and this Alberta Lotto 6/49 winner really takes the cake. 

According to the WCLC, Andrew Burke of Calmar accidentally bought two identical tickets to the same draw. Believe it or not, he won. 

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$5 Million

Total winnings

Though he was the only winner, he actually won twice so he was forced to split the winnings with himself. 

Talk about the best-case scenario from a little blunder. 

A news release explained that he's been a long-time lottery player and now that he's got two fat cheques he feels comfortable retiring and letting someone else have a chance. 

He has plans to restore his old Land Rover and maybe do some travelling once that's a thing we can do again. 

We might start buying our tickets in bulk now, too. 

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