If you have found this year to be personally or financially challenging, you may be eligible for Ontario's emergency assistance payments.

According to the provincial government, single residents can get up to $733 a month, or more if you have children.

To be eligible, one of the following situations has to apply to you.

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If you live in Ontario, are in a crisis or emergency situation, and do not have enough money for things like food and housing.

Government of Ontario

The specific guidelines say that you can receive assistance if you have been impacted by COVID-19, evicted from your home, are in or are leaving an abusive relationship, or concerned about your safety.

However, if you are already receiving assistance from Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program, you will not be eligible.

The support will last up to 48 days depending on your specific situation.

If you think you might qualify, you can apply online or by calling an Ontario Works office.

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