A new report has found that Canada’s passport is in the top 20 list when it comes to global passport power.

While this is an impressive achievement for the country, it appears Canada has slipped in similar rankings over the past year or so. 

In fact, since 2019, Canada appears to have dropped a whopping thirteen places on Passport Index’s Global Passport Power Index.

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What is the Global Passport Power Rank?

The Global Passport Power Rank is a list of the world’s strongest passports, compiled by Passport Index.

The passport of every country in the world is considered for the report, which aims to rank each place based on their total mobility score.

A mobility score is “the total number of countries that can be easily accessed with a given passport.”

“It is a calculated total based on Visa-free, Visa-on-arrival, eTA, and eVisa issued within 3 days” explains Passport Index.

The higher a country’s individual mobility score is, the better it performs on the list.

Where does Canada place in 2021?

According to the latest report shared by Passport Index, Canada’s position for 2021 is 18th.

The country's total mobility score is currently 108.

While it came before the United States on the list, it was surpassed by countries like Vatican City, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates and Australia. 

At the top of the list were places like Germany, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and New Zealand.

At the bottom, in 77th place, were Afghanistan and Iraq.

While Canada’s place on the list remains in the top 20, it has dropped considerably over the last couple of years.

How did Canada rank before?

Back in 2019, the Passport Index shared a similar report.

On the list two years ago, Canada placed a whopping 13 spots ahead of its position in 2021.

It joined countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Singapore, Czech Republic, Hungary and more in 5th place.

At the time, its total mobility score was 169. That means there's a 61 point difference between its rating in 2019 and 2021.

While the country has dropped significantly on the Passport Index’s list, another report suggests things aren’t so drastic.

A similar ranking from the Henley Passport Index puts Canada in 9th place in 2021.

The 2020 version of the same report also found the country in 9th place, however, the 2019 edition found Canada to be further up in 6th place.

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